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Leilani Honma

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me because our family has had two dear friends, Grace and Bob, who battled and lost their fights with lung cancer.

I will be running in Your Next Step is the Cure run/walk on September 29 to benefit lung cancer research with my friend Terri, who is currently battling Stage 4 lung cancer. Terri and her husband Calvin have three children: Caleb (13), Zachary (9) and Abigail (6). I hope to raise $1,000 to make a difference in Terri's life and in the lives of many others. We appreciate your consideration of a donation to this organization.

Rob, Matthew, Kiana and Akemi will also be running for the cause. Feel free to donate to any of their pages. We each have individual goals, but all goes to fight lung cancer.

Thank you for allowing me to honor Grace and Bob and for supporting Terri and me as we battle and make strides against lung cancer!




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