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Here to fight Lung Cancer!

Eduardo Fenili

It's been 2 years since my mother, Edwina Fenili, lost her battle with this terrible disease but we are here to continue to fight against lung cancer for her and for all lung cancer fighters/survivors today and in the future.

The love from friends/family and this community are the best ways we can continue to push forward and find ways to help those fighting lung cancer today!

We appreciate any and all help you can provide to fund research and projects that go long long ways =)

Thank You!



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Recent Donations

1. SPSameer Patel
Keep fighting the fight. Sending big hugs your way. Sameer
2. GMGeorge Meredith
Hi Ed, I didn’t know your mom passed, sorry to hear that. Donating in memory of your awesome mom
3. JSJames Sprinkle
As you know I also lost my Mom 2 years ago to liver cancer. You're doing the work of a saint. Thank you.
4. SMSesame Mish
5. JNJeffrey Nolan
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