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Jan Alotte2

If I wasn’t on infusion therapy, I’d be long gone. I read about this approach to cancer about four years ago and was real excited thinking this approach of stimulating your own immune system to fight your cancer will be the best way to attack the problem… and now I’m part of the program. I know it sounds weird but I actually look forward to my infusions. I’m placed in a comfy chair with controls, given a TV, or I can play with my phone or just go to sleep for an hour.

But the best are the nurses - professional funny and giving. And as for as side effects - little to none has been my experience so far. Unlike chemo, infusion therapy isn’t attacking me with toxic chemicals.

So it’s been a very positive experience for me and if it keeps me alive long enough, newer more refined immune therapies are in the works. I’m very grateful for the time this treatment has given me.

Please help support lung cancer research by donating on my Team Jay page. Thank you so much.



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