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Sharon Stranahan

The above photo is Barb Karlin and my husband, John Klonick, at the 2017 walk. It's our privilege to be part of the "I Believe" team again in 2018 and will be walking with Dave's group on September 29th in San Francisco. Dave and Barb are doing all the personal, emotional, day-to-day work and we find inspiration in how they've faced this challenge and included their network of friends and family. We also appreciate the help and support that the Addario Foundation has given them.

As one way to earn contribution funds this year, we're selling items on eBay and Craigslist. Turning unused "treasures" into cash for the cause provides great motivation. Maybe this is an idea that other team members would like to try!

Here's to a successful campaign and see you in September in SF.



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1. Sharon Stranahan
Yea! A set of 7 china salad bowls sold for $34.95 and are now on their way to a delighted collector in Memphis, TN. Thank you, eBay!
2. Sharon Stranahan
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