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Welcome to Ronnie Fong's Page for TeamJoan

Ronnie Fong

I continue to be an advocate for those battling lung cancer to honor my lovely wife Joan. I do advocacy so more people will live longer instead of dying earlier from lung cancer.

Joan died last year on July 29 at age 59, 45 months after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It was a tumultuous journey with lots of ups and downs with the 15 different lines of treatment we did and the hope that medical science would keep Joan going until she hit age 60. Sixty and beyond was the battle cry for 2017. Alas, she was 100 days short of 60 when God took her home. Throughout the journey, Joan was smiling and rejoicing in the Lord always, since it is a choice how we respond to life's bad times and good times.

Joan is smiling from heaven that you have visited this page and are considering how you can honor her and support the lung cancer cause with awareness and donations.

Be aware - There is no early detection for lung cancer like other cancer types. Lung cancer often has no symptoms until it is too late. Research into finding easy early detection is in the works, but more funding is necessary.

Be aware - Research dollars into finding early detection and finding better treatment therapies for lung cancer is low. Today, there is 30% less federal funding for lung cancer research in 2018 than there was in 2009, yet there are more than 433 lung cancer deaths EVERYDAY. That $6 million can go a long ways in finding treatments for longer survival. Joan benefitted from the new age of lung cancer research treatments and made it to 45 months when the median survival was 8 months. More research. More survivals.

Be aware - If you have lungs, then you can get lung cancer. 80% of people in America who are diagnosed with lung cancer either NEVER smoked or QUIT smoking. Smoking causes over 20 different diseases and cancers. It is not strictly a smoking disease. Joan never smoked. Lung cancer tends to be a somatic mutation cancer instead of an inherited genetic mutation cancer. Joan, like many Asian female never smokers, had an EGFR driver mutation that was the cause for her lung cancer. The fortunate thing is that she could take a targeted once a day pill that would shrink and hold back the cancer without taking chemo or radiation or surgery!

Be aware - Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women in America. In fact, more than the next three cancers combined! (breast, ovarian, cervical) LC is also the #1 cancer killer of men in America as well.

Be aware - Lung cancer is not considered a curable disease at this time. Many are living longer, but 50% die within one year due to no early detection. The best one can hope for is early detection, early intervention, stable no-growth and N.E.D. (no evidence of disease), BUT cured is not a prognosis.

Be aware - no one knows how long you are going to live. Everyone's cancer is slightly different from everyone else's. You are Uniquely made, and uniquely ill. Cancer brings that grim reality home of death sooner than we think. Eventually, we all die. But, it always seems sooner than anticipated. So, think of eternity and what will happen to you when you die. Think of what is important for you to do in this life while you are alive. Life is short. Live Laugh Love.

So, please donate to raise awareness and raise research dollars for life and for Joan.

Please register to walk or run the 5kish lap around Lake Merced in San Francisco on SATURDAY, September 29th. You can even be a virtual registration. and You can bring your dog as a participant. It will be a fun time.

If we can get enough walker/participants and raise more money than last year, then I will do the race in a red dress to honor Joan's love of the color red. Also, it's a superhero theme this year. Maybe an Incredibles outfit?

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Ronnie

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1. ABAmbrish Batheja
2. VYVivien Young
Joan had this amazing presence that brought the best out in people and made me happy in the little moments I was with her. I will always remember her beautiful smile.
3. MMMary Ellen McKowen
4. ARAna Robinson
Thank you for doing this, Mr. Fong! Ana
5. JJJean Jea
We miss Joan and we need more people like Joan in this world.
6. FFay & Margaret, Claudia Jeff & Chloe
In loving memory of Joan Fong. We are with Team Joan in spirit today <3

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