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Welcome to Evy Schiffman's Page, Captain, Team Neil SoloZip Plus

Evy Schiffman

You may have noticed that Team Neil SoloZip has a new name this year with the addition of the word "Plus." Why? Because this year we are walking in memory of Neil & in honor of Neil AND Evy.

The unbelievable happened to Evy in May -- she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Discovery was made quite by accident on a heart CT scan, and luckily, early detection at stage 1 saved Evy's life! She had surgery to remove her lower left lobe in June and is now NED (no evidence of disease). Unfortunately, Neil's late diagnosis at stage 4 led to his passing in 2015.

Evy's resume now shows that she has been a caregiver, a patient and is a survivor!

Walking and/or donating this year supports both Neil and Evy, the "Plus" in Team Neil SoloZip Plus! Fighting this disease is truly a "family affair" for Evy!



raised of $15,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. SSalesforce.og
2. RFRich Family Fund
3. LCLael Carlson
4. GCGregory Costanzo
Evy, glad to hear you are on the mend. Thank you for doing this every year.
5. ?Anonymous
In memory of Thelma, Morris, Solo & Joe
6. LGLarry Garvey
So sorry to hear about your recent brush with Lung Cancer. Thanks for organizing this important work. Larry Garvey

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